We have organised and curated diverse types of events, such as music festivals, living room concerts, Piano Day celebrations, and tours, in various cities around the world — Barcelona, Stockholm, Lima, Potsdam, Amsterdam, Vienna, and Prague, to name a few — in collaboration with some of the most wonderful artists and platforms out there.

This year, we organized various shows for Peruvian artist Sergio Díaz De Rojas as part of his European Tour, featuring shows in eight cities across four different countries. We also curated part of Q3Ambientfest’s si edition, and produced a documentary short film about the festival. 

We have put together various shows across the globe to commemorate our favorite celebration — Piano Day. In 2021, we co-organized a live streamed show with performances from Germany, United Kingdom, and Spain. In 2019, we brought a one-day festival to Stockholm. In 2018, we simultaneously curated concerts in Lima and Amsterdam with local and international artists. 

In addition, we booked concerts in Vienna and Amsterdam for acclaimed German duo CEEYS as part of the release tour of their album WÆNDE back in 2018. And, one year earlier, we celebrated the birth of peruvian label Empty Fields Recordings with a one-day festival in Lima.

We have also collaborated on diverse music videos, documentary short films, and animated and stop-motion works. 

We co-produced two documentary short films directed by Portuguese filmmaker Ana Monteiro — SONDER and ¿Por qué, Lima? — who has also worked closely with German record label Neue Meister and their artists Sebastian and Daniel Selke (Ceeys) in the realization of a music video for Reunion, one of the singles from their album Hausmusik.

Visual artist Rita Silva created an animated music video for Sergio Díaz De Rojas’ piece The Day I Lost Her, while former collaborator Jolien van der Beek crafted a couple of stop-motion videos for Plïnkï Plønkï’s composition Happy Birthday Emily and for Ceeys’ piece RUEBER. 

Our Spanish collaborators Tiago Almança and Laura Vidal-Abarca directed a music video series for Sergio Díaz De Rojas’ project Postcards, while Ana Monteiro and Rita Silva brought to life two music videos for the release campaign of Piano Creatures, an album by Italian composer Luis Berra.

Occasionally, we invite some of our favourite artists and record labels to create mixtapes featuring the music that inspires them. Sometimes, we make some of our own, too. You can listen to them on Mixcloud. We also have a series of carefully curated Spotify playlist, which you can find below.