piano and coffee records
a relevant spot for artists from all over the world who cross the borders between ambient, electronic, and contemporary classical music.

Founded in 2017, our boutique record label releases unconventional works, complemented by a carefully curated and distinctive aesthetic due to the labor of our visual artists. With an eclectic yet coherently unified identity, piano and coffee records has introduced the likes of Cedric Vermue, Vargkvint, Trio Ramberget, and Justina Jaruseviciute, as well as becoming a home for composers such as Manos Milonakis, Sjors Mans, Olec Mün and Jakob Lindhagen.

For press, booking, licensing, and distribution inquiries, send an email to: label@pianoandcoffee.com


"It is not where you are from, as the saying goes, it is where you are at – and piano and coffee have quickly established an identity for their label which should enable them to curate interesting and unpredictable projects for years to come.” — A Closer Listen

"There is something magical about its aesthetic (and its sound) and I feel delighted to be spending my time in the company of its output… it feels like I am discovering something exciting again.” — Headphone Commute

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