a decade’s worth of indrusty experience

Over the years, we have unswervingly supported musicians around the world in the development of their creative projects — from providing them with guidance during their creative process, producing their artwork, press pictures and music videos, to completely handling their release campaigns, helping them reach millions of listens on streaming platforms, be featured on relevant media outlets, and secure their appearance at festivals and other unique, exciting venues.

With our characteristic attention to detail, an international network of record labels, concert venues, media outlets, and other relevant platforms, and a decade’s worth of industry experience across all facets of our beloved music scene, we have proudly introduced the likes of Vargkvint, Justina Jaruševičiūtė, Cedric Vermue, Sjors Mans, John Hayes, Plïnkï Plønkï, Marta Cascales Alimbau, and Leon den Engelsen, and continue to develop the careers of artists such as Sergio Díaz De Rojas, Brueder Selke, and Jakob Lindhagen, to name a few.

We have organized and curated diverse types of cultural events, such as music festivals, living room concerts, Piano Day celebrations, and release tours, in various cities around the world — Barcelona, Stockholm, Lima, Potsdam, Amsterdam, Vienna, and Prague, to name a few. Our platform is also responsible for the production of several music videos, documentary short films, and animated and stop-motion works, and the development of carefully-curated mixtape series and playlists. 

stories of success

After releasing Sweden-based artist Vargkvint’s debut album Hav and several collaborations with other artists, she is now signed to Nils Frahm’s record label LEITER Verlag. Lithuanian composer Justina Jaruševičiūtė’s debut album Silhouettes, which we also released, was selected as one of the best contemporary classical albums of 2021 and was featured in Bandcamp’s New and Notable section, selling out its two CD editions in a matter of days. From being nothing more than a forgotten side project to reaching over seven million streams on Spotify, we have released three albums by the mysterious Plïnkï Plønkï on carefully-crafted cassette editions. Peruvian pianist and composer Sergio Díaz De Rojas has reached over twenty million streams on Spotify and collaborated with record labels such as Deutsche Grammophon and LEITER Verlag, and is now signed to Nettwerk Music Group, together with fellow composer and sound designer John Hayes, an artist we have guided through the years. We have also helped Dutch artists Cedric Vermue, Sjors Mans and Leon den Engelsen reach millions of streams on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. 

the services we provide


  • release strategies
  • publicity campaigns
  • music distribution 
  • digital marketing
  • playlist pitching


  • cover art for albums, eps, and singles
  • packaging design and layout for physical releases 
  • inserts, booklets, and more


  • website and logo design
  • online shop 
  • visual identity 
  • creative concept 
  • merchandise design 


  • teasers 
  • motion graphics
  • mockups 
  • posters and banners
  • instagram reels
  • spotify canvas


  • production of music videos
  • live recording sessions
  • documentary short films
  • studio and on-location photo shoots


  • guiding sessions that will provide you with all the right tools to handle the release of your own project in a professional way


Depending on the specific goals for your project and considering your budget, we will gladly adjust our services to fit your needs. As an artist-run platform, we understand (and go through) the same struggles, so we are willing to do our best to help you.