24 Ways
Trio Ramberget

︎  Triple CD — €30

24 Ways is an exciting long-term collaboration between our label and Sweden-based Trio Ramberget, an ensemble formed by Gustav Davidsson on the trombone, Johanna Ekholm on the double bass, and Pelle Westlin on the bass clarinet.

The concept of 24 Ways was born when Trio Ramberget recorded and released their latest album Musik att somna till (Music for falling asleep). Music as a purpose for well-being, be it sleeping, resting or contemplating, is something that they have explored since the beginning and something that their listeners and themselves have held as one of their best qualities. “We are interested in making music that can give the listener their own sense of imagery, to make their own movie to our soundtrack…”, tells the trio, “…so, with 24 Ways, we want to take this concept further: to create a space where you just don’t fall asleep, but where you can totally lose yourself in, music to accompany you during the 24 hours of the day”.

This album is their longest effort to date, clocking in at two and a half hours, and released in three volumes. There are 48 tracks: 24 preludes and 24 improvisations, each one in every key of the 12-tone scale. Some of the keys are presented in completely different ways and moods, as a reflection of their different sides and shapes as human beings, while some other keys feel seemingly alike, to accompany the feeling of calmness and reflection. During the recording sessions, Trio Ramberget decided to record all the pieces in order and in one row, from C major to B minor, to get an organic flow in the process. “As our moods, feelings and thoughts about the music progressed and changed, so did the music, and this was something we felt was important to keep intact”, they tell.

The approach of playing in all the keys is somewhat inspired by Das Wohltemperierte Klavier by Johann Sebastian Bach, which has been duplicated many times, and even has its predecessors in the 16th and 17th centuries. When the trio started planning the project, they also felt that the conceptual nature of playing through all the keys was something that suited them well. “Playing around with different concepts is something that we love, and also something that we find inspiring in searching for new ways to create music…”, they explain, “…limiting concepts in a limitless atmosphere, one could say, since all of our music is totally improvised”.

24 Ways released on the 25th of May on digital format, accompanied by a limited edition triple CD, which features artwork and design by Jordan Amy Lee and Celia Bayo. This project was made with support from The Swedish Art Council.

“One of the most gorgeous acoustic albums I've ever heard, or three of them to be precise. Trombone, double bass and clarinet laid thick like globs of wet paint over a velvety canvas. Every hefty tone and sly gesture is met with a patient awareness and a symbiotic response that is rare for a small group of improv musicians. 24 Ways is Trio Ramberget at its absolute finest yet!” — Lost Tribe Sound

“A wonderfully genre ambiguous LP from piano and coffee by Trio Ramberget, a young trio from Gothenburg who are fusing glacial paced jazz & languid neoclassical strains to created a deliciously deviant, improvised ambient live sound that demands inactivity.” — Slow Music Movement