Geomantic Works

︎  LP — €20 *

Spanish duo Menhir joins piano and coffee records to release their new full-length album Geomantic Works.

This record is the summary of two years of work on the notion of speculative territory, places of power, and music and sound as a catalyst for different states of consciousness. Seven tracks that form a kind of sound menhirs, dedicated to several spaces or rocks. The album began to be composed in the summer of 2018 in the Salinas de Añana, and during the following 2 years it has been elaborated in a tour of the rest of the protagonist places of the album, as well as the Stockholm EMS studios, GrooveArt in Madrid and the Farrera Art and Nature Center in the Catalan Pyrenees.

Geomantic Works is available digitally and on limited edition vinyl, featuring artwork and design by Coco Moya and Celia Bayo.

“A liturgical experience halfway between ambient and pop that’s destined to become an instant classic.” — La Casa Encendida